Never Again is Now Global

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Never Again is Now Global

A five-part docuseries

Produced by
Directed by Vera Sharav

Holocaust survivors, children of survivors, and grandchildren -- as well as German freedom fighters -- express their shock at today's fear-mongering and divisive dictates that are reminiscent of the prelude to the Holocaust.


Episode 1. Here We Go Again On Steroids (1:09:03)
Episode 2. Anyone Who Wants To Start A War Has To Lie (1:04:57)
Episode 3. Breaking The Veil Of The Real Conspirators (1:04:11)
Episode 4. This Time Around We’re All Jews (1:09:51)
Episode 5. Never Give In – Never Give Up (1:34:45)
Runtime (full series): 5:42:20


Vera Sharav, Series Director, Survivor (Photo)
Kataline Egett, Survivor
Henny Fischler, Survivor
Sarah Gross, Survivor

Full list of 32 participants (PDF)

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For all Press and Media inquiries